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Current Market Pricing and Sea Gloves Offerings

Nitrile Gloves

30 million boxes quota available

Minimum: 5 million boxes

60 days factory delivery, Malaysia

Price range: USD 7.50-8.75/100 count box

Full regulatory compliance-FDA, EC

Full Quality Standards- ASTM, EN, CEN

Manufacturing accreditation- ISO 9001

Latex Gloves

10 million boxes quota available

Minimum: 1 million boxes

30 days factory delivery, Malaysia

Price range USD 7.00-7.75/100 count box

Full regulatory compliance-FDA, EC

Full Quality Standards- ASTM, EN, CEN

Manufacturing accreditation- ISO 9001

With Seagate as your Buyer's Agent, you put yourself ahead of the pack with our competitive edge

Competitive Pricing
Exclusive Access

Seagate helps buyers get the most competitive pricing in this seller's market.  Just finding inventory is difficult in this market, but with Seagate as your Buyer's Agent, we use our relationships to your best advantage.  Where else can you find that kind of partner?

We have a full trading team on the ground at our office in Putrajaya, Malaysia with relationships at all of the 26 largest glove manufacturers and wholesalers. We use our inside direct network to give you access to the limited glove supply few others can.

Integrity and Honesty

Seagate has been operating in Malaysia for over 10 years.  We are the only agent that has been endorsed by the Government of Malaysia for our continued efforts, honesty and success.  Further, we are the only Bumiputera company that is part of an international consortium which demands global standards of good governance.  Our word is our bond.

3-10x Faster Delivery

Without Seagate, the average Contract Order wait times range between 200 and 600 days. With Seagate, you can access the limited supply of gloves for immediate delivery, or on contract to cut your wait time from 600 days to 60 days.


Current Market Conditions in Malaysia

Wall Street Journal Touches Glove Market Issues

The Wall Street Journal published an article recently describing the dire nitrile and latex glove supply situation.  They highlighted the danger of the many unethical brokers in the market that cannot be trusted. With Seagate's unimpeachable reputation, use of escrow accounts, and third party surveyors such as SGS, you can rest assured that Seagate will source high quality certified gloves.

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Handling the Shortage of Nitrile and Latex Gloves

Seagate's team on the ground has surveyed all the major players in the latex and nitrile glove industry in Malaysia.  The conclusion of most industry experts in Malaysia is that the supply and demand situation is getting worse as large buyers scoop up available supply. They implore buyers to act now while there is still supply left to attain.

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Why will the shortage of gloves continue through a full global distribution of a prospective, approved Covid vaccine?

Global Pandemic
Fixed Amount of Rubber

Nitrile and latex gloves are the most effective glove types to help slow the spread of the deadly COVID-19 virus which took the world by surprise, including the glove industry in Malaysia. Malaysia also followed other countries and closed its borders when numbers ballooned.

Rubber is the primary ingredient for latex gloves. The amount of rubber is fixed by the number of rubber trees. Supply of rubber takes over five years to increase as it takes five years for new rubber trees to start producing.

Massive Demand

Demand has increased due to the global pandemic which has caused large state and corporate buyers to greatly increase demand as they attempt to lock up all available supply for the next two years while supply is fixed.

High-tech and Expensive

Manufacturing nitrile and latex gloves is a very high-tech process few countries can master.  The factories are large and expensive and take time to build and source precision machines.  Finally, it is labor intensive and requires a skilled workforce which must be trained. 

Government Endorsement and Official Government of Malaysia Supplier

Supported by the Malaysian Governments equivalent to the USA’s Small Business Administration.
Fully Licensed Registered Bumiputera company facilitates sourcing of deals.
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