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Obtain Gloves with

Seagate Global

Seagate has access to gloves!

  • It is very difficult to obtain gloves in this tight market.

  • You cannot travel to Malaysia due to the pandemic.

  • Manufacturers are operating at 90%-95% capacity and do not need your business.

  • Seagate is an authorized glove factory reseller.

  • Seagate Global has allocations for over 700 million boxes of gloves.

  • Seagate Global has been asked by local resellers to find buyers for hundreds of millions of boxes of gloves on an agency basis.

  • Seagate is part of the closed "inside market" of Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam glove producers.

  • If you need nitrile gloves, Seagate Global, Malaysia can help you obtain them.

Why Choose Seagate?

  • Seagate Global Trading Sdn Bhd (SGT) has over 10 years of experience as a supplier in Malaysia.

  • Official glove factory reseller.

  • Glove factory allocation holder for over 700 million boxes of gloves.

  • Official Supplier to the Government of Malaysia (fully licensed and regulated, including by Bank Negara, Malaysia's central bank).

  • Endorsed by the Government of Malaysia, providing confidence to international buyers.

  • Built a strong network, reputation, and credibility with Malaysian suppliers, not only in the medical supply sector, but also in renewable energy and affordable housing industries.

  • Affiliated with the Seagate Global Group, an international investment house that requires good governance.

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